"Picture the Preamble"

     During the "Picture the Preamble" exercise I was expected to summarize parts of the Preamble using pictures.  I chose pictures based on what certain sentences of the Preamble meant to me;  I think explained why I decided to use those pictures.  I thought the lesson was fun, and allowed me to fully understand the meaning of the Preamble.  I felt this lesson would be great for any school student so they could get a better understanding of what our country stands for.  
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Word Processing Lesson Ideas

      I created two lesson plans that incorporated Microsoft Word.  The first lesson plan had the children create a two column chart so they could compare words that were not abbreviated with words that had been abbreviated.  I thought this lesson was great because the students learned how to make a chart in word, and were able to visually see the differences of abbreviated/unabbreviated words side by side.
      The second lesson I created had students learn about the different seasons and then write a poem about their favorite season.  After writing their poem the students had to type it into a Word document and add clip art that went along with their season.  This lesson allowed students to practice typing, as well as teach them how to add clip art. 
       Both of these lessons caused the students to think about what they had to accomplish before hand and gave the students a chance to be in charge of their own work. 
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